Monday, 24 August 2015

Day 21 : 16 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy I have been through the time that you have to write letters to keep in touch with friends, then you write emails to keep in touch with friends and later, instant messages, facebook and chat application on smart phones. It's a good way for me to keep in touch with friends, family, and significant other. Thanks technology.

2) I'm happy that I followed Japanese comics and some other cartoons. Japanese comics or manga is very popular for Thai people and these comics are fun, creative and sometimes you learn about something new without realising it. There are various stories beyond what you can imagine. I'm glad I have been growing up with those. I'm always happy when I read them :-)

3) I'm happy that Youtube has existed. I have a chance to learn about self improvement, heart healing, life guidance, cooking, baking, dancing, sharing stories with people, and seeing friends's stories. Thanks technology.

Day 20 : 15 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy when I go to a theme park and/or a water park. I just love the thrill when I have the rides. Thanks to my parents that took me and brothers to an amusement park once a year for many years. It's almost our tradition :-)

2) I'm happy that two of my friends are getting married and I sort of matchmade them :-) I didn't expect much from them. I know my friend is looking for a partner and I know the guy who might suit her so the attempt happened. I'm glad they work and fall in love. It's a blessing.

3) I'm happy that I learn how to swim since I was young. I was only 7 years old when I first learned how to swim. It's not that easy but achievable. My first style was freestyle (front claw) and later I learned breaststroke when I was 10. Swimming is a great skill that most people should have.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Day 19 : 14 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy that I helped hitchhikers when I was traveling in France. I once hitchhiked when I was in Israel. The guy didn't even accept the money I offered. It's not a very far ride after hailing for many cars, I know hitchhiking is not easy. From that moment, I swear to myself if I saw anybody needed a ride, I will try to help them. Therefore, I did help 3 travelers when I was traveling in France.

2) I'm happy that I got to take care of my grandfather because he passed away. I didn't volunteer for it but I was glad I did it. I didn't complain that I had to sacrifice my free time to watch him in the hospital. I know I did the job for my parents who were busy working so I was a representative of my parents.When he passed away early in the morning, I think I was the last person that saw him (and he saw me). It was sad but I felt good being a good granddaughter for once for him.

3) I'm happy that I have helped out tourists in Thailand, esp. Bangkok. I'm not talking about my friends who visit Thailand or the visitors who want to meet me here. I really mean random tourists out there. I think that when I travel, I might need similar helps so I start helping out a little bit with the bus or the map even before I travel a lot like this. I remember when I was in high school, I wanted to help tourists but my English was not good so I got so excited that I couldn't figure out the right words. Moreover, I didn't know Bangkok that well back then. These days, I just say hello to tourists and offer them my help LOL!

Day 18 : 13 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy that Arjan Somphan taught me maths. He is advanced in his teaching techniques. I used to cry once because I couldn't solve his questions. His challenge urged me to study harder and tried to  beat his tests. He usually doesn't give you 10 or 20 questions and get the score according to the number of the questions you answer correctly. He designs his own tests and maybe he gives you only 3 questions. If you got 2 questions, you got 70%, if you got 3 questions right, you get 100% and if you get only 1 right, you fail and be prepare to take another test :-( If also consider whether how you solved his maths make sense, not just the right answer. He is not a good looking man but he's cool and possesses beautiful brown eyes. I was so lucky to be one of his students.

2) I'm happy that Arjan Sonthaya taught me Thai Literature. Oh my Buddha! He's so passionate about his teaching and Thai Literature. Listening to him in the class is so inspiring! I have never thought I could get into Thai Literature without being in his class. I got so inspired that once I got a full score in Thai Literature exam. I was so proud because I'm not a reader. So much to catch up. He's awesome.

3) I'm happy that Arjan XXX taught me English grammar. Although my accent and my vocabulary were good, my grammar, in fact, was very poor in early secondary school. She helped to go over all the grammar again and again until I reached my first breakthrough, then I pretty much "got it". My knowledge in English has stepped up since then. Another time, my English got better after tutoring at Sanguan Tutoring School.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Day 17 : 12 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy that Pansin is my brother. I know we are different and you strive in your way when we were growing up. You have an amazing brain that I admire. You care for me and be kind. I'm thankful for you my brother.

2) I'm happy that Cheewit is my brother. You are so bright in our family. You are generous to me and I appreciate that. Thank you for spending time with me. You are an awesome brother.

3) I'm happy that I'm an eldest sister. I get to take care of my two little brothers. Now, I'm grown up and I feel like they little bit take care of me. It's a great experience for having a mother feeling before I become someone's mother (or maybe that day will not happen). I had fun teaching you and spending time with you, brothers. Lots of love.

Day 16 : 11 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy that I loved Mr. D. It was over after my long waiting. However, this love taught me a lot about love and life. You've been pretty kind all along. Thanks so much.

2) I'm happy that I loved Mr. H. You have taught me a lot of new things. I appreciate you are patient and try to understand and open up my innocent and naive world. Thank you for being a good boyfriend for the time being.

3) I'm happy that I loved Mr. R. You have brought me another level of happiness. I have learned many new things because I was your girlfriend. Thank you for being generous, kind and nice. I appreciate all the good things you have done for me.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day 15 : 10 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy that my mother taught me how to cook. It's all start before I went studying my master degree in Sydney. When I was in Sydney, then I found myself quite enjoyed cooking. I got to be creative and fulfilled my craving by my own cooking. I got a chance to cook something I never tried before and some of the things I have never seen my mother cooked it either :-) It's a great experiment.

2) I'm happy that I got a second hand oven from my friend. Credit to Dave. Since then, I got to learn baking from Youtube, friend's advice and friend's recipe. Some baking is still too challenging for me but that's the charm of it. I got to bake some good things that I like such as brownie, rusty apple tart, apple crumble, soft cookies, fruit cakes. I got to try baking with my adapted recipe. Some work and some don't but that's my little science room :-)

3) I'm happy that I learned cooking foreign foods from my international friends. My friend taught me how to make sushi, how to make nizagana, Japanese curry. Another friend taught me how to make chili, how to make Indian curry in English style, etc. This is awesome!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 14 : 9 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy that I made it to Nuvo concert. I have been their fans for years since I was 14 I think...until after 25 that my craze for the band started to wear out. I was super lucky that I got a chance to go backstage. That was legendary! :-)

2) I'm happy that I made it to Liverpool match in Bangkok and Liverpool Stadium in Liverpool. I have been Liverpool's fan for years as well since I was 19 until now but after I was 29, I had little chance to follow them. I have dreamed since I was 20 with another friend that I wanted to go England just to visit Liverpool. LOL. It was stupid but last April, I made it there and it's much more than Liverpool that I have seen :-)

3) I'm happy that I went to Maroon 5 concert. I am a good fan of Maroon 5. Maybe it's not so many years, just from 2003-2004 onwards. About 5 years later, I had a chance to see Maroon 5 in Bangkok. I was so thrilled. Thank you P' Nu to accompany me :-)

Day 13 : 8 Aug 2015

Apart from English and Thai languages,
1) I'm happy that I learned Japanese language. Actually I only had a lesson for like 30 hours or so. It's a win-win situation. I paid my friend at very very friendly price and my 2 Japanese friends practised teaching me some basic Japanese lesssons. Although I barely have an opportunity to use it, I learn about how language shaped the people in Japan :). Do you know Japanese language have tense unlike most Asian languages and they happen to be punctual? Japanese writing and grammar are difficult. Pronunciation is easy. Listening is not so easy.

2) I'm happy that I took a Spanish course. Technically, I took 2 courses but due to the early morning class, I bailed out on the second course and I didn't even show up for the exam. Oops! I have my little dream to go around Central and South America where they speak Spanish except Brazil. So far, I only visited Peru which was amazing and diversified. I wish I could go back to South America for more. However, I hopefully visit Spain for the first time next year so I try to keep Spanish by practising online.

3) I'm happy that I'm taking a French course. It's quite silly that I took a French class after 9 years of working for 2 French companies and especially, I had already visited France lol. Before the trip, I was trying to break down how to pronounce French words but it's too difficult to do without proper guidance. In terms of pronunciation, French has given me some heachache on pronunciation. I haven't started with grammar yet. So far, it's kinda similar to Spanish but Spanish pronunciation is more friendly and straightforward. However, I hope to go back to France again at some point in this life. I love learning a new thing. French is good for my brain.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 12 : 7 Aug 2015

1) I'm happy I met Tony N. I usually mention Tony as my tennis partner although we didn't really play together, it's more like playing against each other! LOL. Tony is a really good guy. I am lucky to be his good freind. He often gives some interesting points of view. He is reliable, generous, sincere and kind. He's incredibly smart but quite hot tempered with silly things haha. When I'm in trouble, I know he will have my back. Thank you so much, mate :-)

2) I'm happy I met Lyndsey F. I first met Lyndsey through one of my ex boyfriends. They raced together and I happened to be at the event. We had a great time together from day 1. Lyndsey is energetic, outgoing, sincere, strong and generous to me. She could be pretty messy at times but I appreciate that she is trying to understand how I am and we are tuning in. She has becomed super busy since she was into triathlon while I was crazily busy with additional responsibilites at work. Yet, she spares some time together with me and with other friends to catch up. Although she's younger than me, I often admire how she manages to balance her life, her love and her friends. You mean so much to me, love :-)

3) I'm happy I met Dionne, Timo, Simon, Dave and Numsom. They are also those people who I can rely on. There are times I feel down and one of them or more give me some good advices and cheer me up. I appreciate you accept me to be a part of your group. When I think about one of those memorable parties. They are often a part of those memories. There are always a story to laugh about. Currently, we don't really live in the same country anymore. Just so you know, you are still on my mind. I'm deeply thankful that I have a group of friends like you guys. You guys are fantastic. :-)